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korff is live. hurricane sandy has claimed over 100 lives in the caribbean up the jersey coast. tonight, one here in maryland lopez.e loss of santiago the destructive force can be seen in yards up and down annapolis. yard, family front and friends gathered to prayer after sandy claimed yet another life. working here and got killed because a tree fell on him. oldhis dear friend, 50-year- lopez, was working y afternoon with a company in theg storm debris backyard of a residence when its came down directly on him. killing him instantly. he had four children. >> his son watched in horror as , an experienced with 10 years of service with the same company, lost his life. the storm catches many people's lives. touched a life in a much serious note. that is what we have got here tonight, a very tragic accident. >> there seems to be a tragic accident -- it happened in the work place setting. state officials are investigating circumstances incident.g the >> thank you. is blamed for at deaths in the u.s. his death is the third in maryland. sandy is responsible for two in virginia. thedy was killed
of super storm sandy have intensified tonight ten days after sandy hit. a fairfax county group is trying to keep the -- help fill the needs of millions in new york and new jersey. live in mcclain loo more on this mission of mercy. >> i can tell you these trucks have been sitting here because of the nor easter that we saw but the goal is to get the contents delivered tomorrow so that these folks can get them sometime saturday, sunday. >> so many that three moving trucks packed with donations are parked waiting to be delivered. >> we now have filled two trucks like that and this is the end of the third. everything as you can see from fairly new baby gear and tons of clothing, warm coats new blankets new sweat shirts. >> jennifer is one of the moms who started the donation drive earlier this week. a semi-filled with much needed relief left wednesday for new jersey. the snow kept the driver from returning to get the rest. once again, the community came through and helped. the moving company offered a truck and a driver. >> we put out the wo
, sandy and now this nor'easter. this region all radar shows the snow in northern parts of new jersey. we have this little patch of leftover moisture coming through and it has enough in it, and the live doppler in the storm center, the temperatures even though they are in the low 40's, producing a little bit of light sleet but the main thing is the temperatures overnight tonight will stay above freezing. when you hit off to school and work most everything will be out of here. maybe eight lingering sprinkle or snowflake. 35 degrees above freezing, no winter weather advisories or anything. the good thing is after we get through early tomorrow morning sunshine coming back and big changes coming our way towards the weekend. i will tell you all of the details and some dramatic time lapses of the snowstorm in new york. >> we get to a reporter's and the field monitoring the weather. sleet has been coming down. >> autria godfrey is in alexandria with the latest from there. >> the meteorologist had been predicting the possibility of a flurry, and here we go, but fleet you see it. there is a little
superstorm sandy. >> and this man wanted to help the >> you are watching abc7 news at 11:00, on your side. >> two strong earthquake striking on different continents tonight. as six. -- a six. earthquake hit myanmar. another earthquake hits kentucky and rattle seven nearby states. >> and people hit hard by sandy say they are tired of waiting for the power companies. they say they have been without power since the storm hit. many are wondering why there was no plan in place since the storm was predicted. officials with the power company on long island say customers could get power back on by tomorrow night. in the meantime, there have been cases prepared with food and clothing. >> it started with the facebook post. but that simple post as turned into something much more. >> his home town in new jersey now looks like something he has only seen during his four tours of duty in afghanistan. >> the devastation and what was going on there -- it actually looked like a war zone. i have seen what a war zone looks like and it is very hard to see my home town look that way. >> so he started a donatio
for some include union station. >> more than a week has passed since sandy hit the new york-new jersey area. an update on when power could be restored to thousands of people on long island. >> take a look at this video. a number of indianapolis houses destroyed in an explosion. why investigators may be changing their minds on what may be the cause. >> and why this may lose their homes for refusing to pay were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! could have gotten me one. i did. try the unmistakable flavor of dunkin' donuts smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. hurry in today. america runs on dunkin'. >> more than 50,000 customers are still without power tonight on long island in new york and those people lost power after sandy only to get it back again and then lose it this past week. today power company officials say the primary cause is damaged or flooded equipment belonging to customers and not the company. but that's not stopping many people from expressing their anger and frustration. >> i'm often asked the question when will it be 0. the s
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sheered that right off. >> superstorm sandy dropped a monday.his house he was at a friend's place. now he is living with that .riend gowe don't ever want to through this again. and nor'easter could slide past atlantic wednesday and , which could rip the tarp off of what is left of his home and waterlog a home. dominionched out to officials here in northern usginia and they assured full complement of cruise just in case things .et dicey appeal tonight for safety roads aftery county struckar-old girl was week whilelast walking to school. steven has the latest on this. >> local officials and family together for ae vigil and made an urgent call for safety and a later start time for school. >> french remember the fun loving teenager whose life ended in the midst of a routine walk to school. >> she was someone very close to me. >> are friends spoke of how they will miss cristina morris-ward. >> i don't want somebody else to their child or their loved one. >> she was walking to high school. waited at stopped and scene. the girl had dressed in all d the busy roade against the like. -- against the
one week ago our a marathon was threatened by sandy. seen what happened in new york. -- in their a marathon is by it.ned >> we will not be conducting 2012 new york city marathon. >> the largest marathon in the world became a victim. they hoped it would be a chance honor the city and held those struggling with ford. there will be difficult days those who have trained all year. clucks a unifying new york wasntage that controversial. like this one created outrage. budget a raider's set out along running route 1 thousands have power.not o works at a running going to go up to new see his friend it. >> these people who are suffering, give them a chance to captivated until the moment it. up with tim hanson. says cancelling the marathon the right thing to do. to sen. if they postpone it for a s.uple of week and just to show the culture -- would be cool. >> the marathon has been cancelled. runners will try to out what to do it now in the city. >> four days and counting before day.ion to that both candidates hoped numbers will help fuel their campaign. one day before campaign,
coastal storm. details coming up. >> the aftermath of sandy is being felt in new york and jersey. show you what happened a gas station when tempers flared. also, dramatic video of a train crashing into a truck. >> another tough day for the of new york and new jersey as they clean up from from power outages to gas gettingg, people are more frustrated for with each passing day. despite the anger, the news is bad tonight. >> there is some progress to report, the lights back on in manhattan. the outlying areas are still in trouble. is taking's governor steps to see to it that residents to vote tuesday. some of the gas lines stretch several miles as millions in the and tempersfor fuel are flaring. half of the stations in new have shut down, and some a gas rationing plan. >> i waded into lines today, two hours, and each said there was no gas. >> i am getting out of the city. >> help is on the way from the federal government. >> 8 million gallons have been at 28 million gallons will be delivered over the next two days. >> million still have no power, dropping.mperature is jersey's govern
those affected by sandy. it will be called 12-12-12. >> still to come, get ready for a big traffic mr. r morning if you live in montgomery county. we will tell you the unconventional reason why. >> we are riding along with state authorities as a crackdown on a smuggler you have not thought of but has huge profits for back guys. -- >> have an exclusive look at a crackdown on smuggling you may have not thought of. >> we're talking about cigarette smuggling. it cost the state billions. taxes on cigarettes are substantially lower in virginia that in maryland. the staggering amount of money people are making breaking the law. >> there are suspects behind you. >> we're with undercover investigators as they close in on a suspected smuggler. these cops are after untaxed cigarettes what we have is a trunkful of illegal cigarettes, curtain after curtain. >> you see why cigarette smuggling is big bucks. 118 curtains received here. the difference in taxes between virginia and new york city, $55.50 a carton. about $6,500 in profit for potential smuggler. >> cigarette smuggling is as lucrative or more
. bob mcdonnell is asking the l government to help in of superstores sandy. fema to provide assistance in 25 virginia counties. the program reimburses state and would debrisents removal and other costs. also asked for federal assistance for suffered the most -- and extensive damage. of hours, the future of rush hour driving in northern is going to change with of hot plains. drivers will have to pay to use these planes. -- lanes. >> you can see by this sign entrance tot the still sayslanes closed. hours, it will be open. here is what people need to know. need to get onu it. pass.t add an ez there are not actual toll booths. we found several people tonight said they plan on doing that this weekend. >> when there is traffic, it is horrible. >> one of the many counting down hours. >> i have been looking forward using them this weekend. >> see what happens when he new hot lanes a test drive. it will let you blow by all that backed up traffic. they will not have groups, meaning he must have one of to avoid all of this. >> i do not know. a lot of people go be ung it. they're still doing a lot
report on the the biggestin trouble spots. it is another chilly night. the effects of sandy -- eventually, there will be some sunshine coming back. well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. >> >> you are watching abc 7 is harris, with leon nlison starling, bob rya brant ,> dealing with hurricane sally mcdonnell is facing a new problem tonight. somebody broke into two beach homes he owns. at least two televisions or stolen in the burglaries. the suspects did not target the governor's property. these were random occurrences. >> now, we turn to the aftermath following the super storm. things are back to normal for f us, people living from jersey on the way to new york city are dealing with the e of the rain, wind, and flooding. welch joins us. what are the biggest improvements to have seen in the cleanup efforts? for anow, i have to say people to enter a new be thety, that would was that the subway today up and running. d running in aan
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12